5 Amazing Gap Year Destinations

If you are considering a place to spend your gap year, then Australia should be up there on your list. The continental island offers so much activity to keep you busy throughout your year. The country is large, with wilderness tours, city adventures, farm activities, as well as beach experiences beckoning. What’s more, with so many backpackers and students travelling to the country, Australia has good infrastructure to support. There are plenty of hostels, cheap hotels, as well as cozy B&Bs en route to almost anywhere. You can also get a one-year work permit easily if you are aged 18-31, and live while working; a great way to cut costs of living.

The Dragon of the East opened up its borders a while back. While many consider it to be a daunting place to visit because of language barrier, it actually may play to your advantage. China’s long history, ancient culture, as well as vast terrain offer an exciting gap year experience. With booming cities, China offers you the adventure of a lifetime as you wander the streets of Beijing or Shanghai. What’s more, you can get a job teaching English at a local school, and supplement your income. Depending on how you live, it is very possible to live affordably.

For those keen on adventure and excitement, take a snow gap year in France’s famous ski resort areas. Enjoy all year white as you learn how to ski from the masters. France offers special gap year ski programs that allow you to work part time and learn full time “the ways of the slope”. If you fancy an exciting year with fellow gap mates enjoying off-piste adventures, rugged mountain views, delicious French cuisine, and a chance to tour the beautiful French countryside occasionally, then this is for you.

South Africa
Another exciting gap-year destination is the Rainbow Nation in the south of Africa. It is a country overcoming its painful past to clinch a blossoming future. Spend a gap year here witnessing the rapid development that has now characterized this beautiful country. From the gold city of Johannesburg, the beautiful Cape Verde, to the exciting wildlife reserves, the country is teeming with activity and adventure. When you have had your fill of its lovely beaches, head inland for sights that will live with you throughout your life. Get a taste of the vibrant South African musical culture, rhythms and harmonies that will play through your head for ages to come.

One of the world’s most famous backpacking adventures, India is an enigma waiting to be explored. Every year, thousands of gap year takers head over to the mystical state to enjoy the thrills of this exotic country. Here, there are literally thousands of places to visit, things to do, and cuisines to try out. What’s more, life here is very cheap, allowing you to enjoy life on a budget. If you want to earn a little money, you can look for an English teaching job, or get a job with a local NGO. Indeed, the country will offer you insights into a different culture and life; life changing experience. 

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