Exploring Bhutan: The Land of The Thunder Dragon

The thunderous natures of the storms that originate from the Himalayas have earned Bhutan the name, the land of the dragons. The rich culture, radiant snow capped mountains, lush green valleys, magical rural landscapes and historical monasteries and monuments draw the curious attention of esteemed explorers to Bhutan. The best way to explore this extra ordinary land is by trekking its vast landscape.

Hiking The Bhumthang Valley
These cascading lush green valleys are popular and have a magnificent landscape. Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air as you admire the beauty of the stunning sceneries. The Paro valley is normally the starting point. Here, visit the National Museum stocked with prized artifacts and an incredible collection of silverware and Bhutanese art.

Also, see the legendary Taksang Monastery also known as home to the Tigers Nest. It is believed that a Mahayan Buddhist arrived to this monastery on a tigress over a millennium ago. Explore the mystical legends surrounding this historic monument.

A tour is incomplete without exploring the capital of Bhutan, this fascinating kingdom that keeps its values is amazing. Imagine a place where even street lamps do not exist for such a simple reason; conserving the natural environment.

The attractions in Thimphu range from the splendid Dzongs like the Trashi Cchoe Dzong that seamlessly fit with the views of the pristine banks of Wang Chhu River. It holds the city’s most colorful parties and royal festivities. See artisans at work at the Royal Goldsmith Workshop and the Handicraft emporium famed for weaving, wood carvings and paintings.

The Sunday markets are bustling with activities along both banks of the Wang Chhu River: a stunning collection of stalls selling local products, an authentic Bhutanese experience. Wander around these stalls and fill your nostrils with the aroma of natural spices, dried fish, red rice and homemade cheese.

Plunge into Bhutan’s art scene at Voluntary Arts Studio, you may chat with professional artists as well as witness instructors teaching art lessons to Bhutanese students. Artistic products are also sold here.

Punakha Dzong
This used to be an old Capital of Bhutan, and lies on the lowlands and surrounded by spectacular tropical forests. Punakha Dzong has stood the test of time, glacier floods and fire. It is a mighty fortress that stands majestically between two rivers and was built in 1637. If you happen to visit in February you get to witness a remarkable procession in commemoration of a hard won victory over the Tibetans.

In these spectacular lowlands, you will catch a glorious view of the highest Mountain in Bhutan: the Mount Gangar Punsum and have an eastern view of the Himalayas.

You can take a break in the Gangtey Gompa valley where there are numerous monks’ quarters and meditation centers. The seriousness of the Bhutanese in conserving the environment is astonishing, there are no electric or telephone lines. This is also a spectacular destination for bird watching activities and is home to the rare Black Necked Cranes that migrate from Tibetan plateaus to escape harsh winter climate.

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