3 Beautiful Types of Group Accommodation

Travelling in a group is a popular way to explore. Today, more than ever, it is easier to link up with like-minded people for an exciting group tour. Whether your fascination is mountaineering, photography, cheese and wine, or history, you will almost always find an interesting group somewhere heading out for an adventure. You can always just plan with close friends and family for a special getaway. Here are some fabulous accommodation arrangements suitable for large groups.

Luxury Cottages
These fabulous cottages come in different shapes, sizes, and feels to them. This depends on which part of the world you are in. Some are renovated farm houses, others specially built cottage houses, and others are restored manors. These houses are beautiful, filled with unique character, and have some exciting facilities. Depending on your budget, you can enjoy facilities such as saunas, swimming pools, satellite TV, and high speed internet.

Another interesting feature of luxury cottages is the self-catering option. The flexibility and cost savings this introduces is great. If you love to cook, it can be exciting to go shopping in local markets, sample fresh food, and whip up extraordinary dinners. Alternatively, you can hire a local chef to treat you to delicious local delights and save you the hassle of kitchen duties.

Renovated Castle
For a truly royal experience, why not try renting out a castle as a group. If you have ever fancied a classic retreat experience, then a renovated castle is the ultimate in group accommodation. This is especially so if you are in a very large group: about 30 and above guests. However, you can find castles willing to cater for as few as 16 guests. Of course the design and amenities will vary depending on the country. Additionally, these are usually concentrated in European countries with rich royal histories like France and England. While the prices may seem daunting, when you break it down to the individual costs, then the prices ultimately end up being much better.

Castle grounds offer beautiful locations for social events. So if you are having a company retreat, or looking for the perfect wedding venue, this would work out fine. Depending on your budget, you can expect to have stately lunches, big teas, lavish rooms, and butlers on beck and call. In the evening, you can have your dinners set out overlooking beautiful night landscapes, before retiring to rooms fit for royalty.

Ski Chalets
Group skiing has never been more convenient. Take a retreat into the beautiful Alps and put up at a ski chalet. Ski chalets today have more to offer than ever before, especially for family accommodation.
If you are travelling with children or infants, you now have the option of getting free child amenities that can help cut down on travelling luggage. From baby prams, bibs, bottles, and even potties, a family friendly chalet will have them all.

For luxury travel, dent your budget a little and experience unrivaled hospitality up on the mountains. From helicopter airport transfers, custom off-piste experience, concierge services, and world-class personal chef, the experience will leave you pampered and spoiled. 

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