Discovering Jordan’s Hidden Beauty

Jordan is full of treasures and magical legends that will totally blow your mind. The history of Jordan includes the famous biblical sites, the brook where Jesus was baptized, and the fortress where Herod beheaded John the Baptist and the mountain top where Moses first cast his eyes to the Promised Land. It also incorporates ancient Arabic tales, as well as Roman and Crusader sights.

The beauty of Petra is stunning, from her long history to the fact that this ancient city was curved out of hard rock. It is in this place that Moses is said to have struck a rock and water gushed out. This miraculous site is known as Wadi Musa or the Valley of Moses. Over time, Wadi Musa has attracted the attention of many tourists each with a curiosity to discover or learn something from this small town.

You can describe Petra as a city in the wilderness, as it is surrounded by a massive rocky desert and many structures are curved out of the rock. These cave like structures were used by the Nabateans who were nomads and sheltered here from winds during their numerous travels.

The Dead Sea
The lifeless Dead Sea, the world’s lowest point, is another of Jordan’s most lively attraction. You need not be a swimmer to swim in the Dead Sea, the salinity of the sea is so high that no matter how much you weigh, you will remain solemnly on the surface. People flock here to rejuvenate their skin in the water’s famed mineral richness.

Choose a luxurious resort near the beach and take a dip, remember the temperatures are high and you need to carry fresh water to rehydrate your system. You can later head to the fresh water Herodus Spring to wash up the salty layer on your skin, it is absolutely free.
Bethany is a fascinating archeological site to visit while still in the Dead Sea area. Tour the River Jordan, famed for its life giving waters and also the site where Jesus was baptized.

Discover still in this area the amazing beauty of the collection of pavilions, lodges, caravanserais, forts and ruins now known as the desert castles. Some like the Al Azraq and Al Hallabat were richly decorated with marbles, frescoes and paintings and provided a comfortable haven for the Arabs in the harsh desert. The evenings in these palaces were filled with wild entertainment, festivities and wine drinking.

This is a modern Arab city and probably the greatest cultural centre in the Middle East. It is stripped between the poor down town in Eastern Amman to the exotic lifestyle of the Western Amman. With the arrival of a large number of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, the local conservative culture has radically changed to embrace other cultures.

See the Citadel, the majestic fortress that dominates the highest hill in Amman, Jebel Al-Qalaa. Discover the spectacular sites of the Umayyad Palace, its long winding history, its strong walls and other buildings that make the Citadel. Visit the National Archeological Museum that houses a wide array of artifacts, from Dead Sea scrolls to a 6000years skull.  Jordan indeed has a lot for you to discover.

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