Dubai: Battling For Attention In The Land Of the VIP

Dubai has made its mark in the world, not only as a centre for lucrative businesses but for unrivalled world class luxury and extravagant living.  In Dubai expect royal treatment and pampering in the wide array of boutique hotels, 5 star luxury hotels and resorts that battle for your attention. The hidden truth beneath the VIP treatment is that you get to spend like a VIP, but all in all at the end of the day it will be well worth it. So get your credit card loaded up, and lets start touring.

The Burj Al Arab
This astonishing architectural ingenuity will automatically blow your mind. It was created to express the culture of sailing in dhows or a simply an eye catching icon, it is truly creativity of the highest nature. It resembles a massive billowing sail. If the outside is that impressive, the best is yet to come. Inside, it offers unparalleled sophistication, with some of the world’s most expensive interior designs. It is built on an artificial island offshore Jumeirah Beach hotel. Enjoy a great evening high above the waves in the Sky View Bar.

The Royal suite is literally decorated with marble and gold floors, and a great view to the booming city of Dubai. With reception on each floor, personal butler for each room, uniquely designed heli-pad, along with Rolce Royce chauffer services, it is little wonder that this is arguably the world’s best hotel.

Jumeira Beach Hotel
Consistent with Dubai’s VIP trend comes this extravagant beach hotel. Its striking wave like design makes it one of the most recognizable icons of Dubai.

The suits are beautifully designed, each with its own unique character. You will indeed be spoilt for choice as you pick out from these luxury facilities. There are numerous leisure activities available for all, from unlimited access to Wild Wadi Water Park, scuba diving centers to Sinbad Kids Club. That is without mentioning the delicious menu, attentive staff, and gratifying pampering available.

Madinat Jumeira
The extensive landscape, canal style water-ways, delightfully furnished rooms with private balconies is the definition of Madinat Jumeirah. There is a wide array of suites to choose from apart from the splendid view of the gulf waters and a 2 kilometer private beach to take in the Arabic sun in style.

Explore the neat gardens, the Al Qasr Hotel and the Mina Al Salaam, both boutique hotels captured within this breathtaking complex. Experience true Arabic culture in the Souks within the building; every new corner will expose a new and exciting view of Dubai.

Dubai Mall
Finally a trip to Dubai is not complete without an out of this world shopping experience at the mother of all malls: the Dubai Mall.

This is the place where all rules of shopping do not apply, the only place in the world that actually hosts a shopping festival. This is the home of luxurious shopping, exotic entertainment and numerous restaurants that offer the best of Arabic cuisine. Discover shopping in style in over 1200 retail outlets and view the panoramic aquarium which is home to over 3000 species. It is truly a maze, true shoppers paradise.

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