3 Tips for Your Next Family Holiday

Plan early, plan carefully
When travelling alone or as adults only, it is easy to roll with the punches. This flexibility is eliminated as soon as you include children on your flight plan. When travelling with your children, ensure that you plan well ahead in time, and plan very carefully. Make this a project if you have to. Find out all the necessities of travelling, asking questions frequently if you have to. Find out whether there are any health concerns, immunization requirements, special visa requirements, and so on. If your child has their own passport, ensure that they also have the visa early.

Also pick out the accommodation wisely. Find family friendly accommodation options that will be suitable for your children’s needs. Some hotels and resorts offer kids clubs, free indoor activities, nannies, and a host of other child friendly amenities. Find out in advance if where you are planning to stay has any of these. They could come in handy when you want to have some much needed adult time.

Get travel insurance
The logic behind getting insurance is to minimize on risk. When travelling with children, the risks always seem to multiply. Make sure that you get comprehensive insurance that will ensure a smooth holiday experience. You can get good bargains online, but make sure that the insurance company is credible. Don’t take insurance with some no-name company simply because it is cheap. When taking the policy, read the fine print and ask as many questions as possible.

While most children are covered by their parent’s insurance policy, find out to what extent. If you have more than one child, find the limit to which your children are covered. It may make sense to pay for separate travel insurance if, for example, your health cover limits how much you can spend on health as a family. Find out this first before you travel.

Get something for everyone
Remember: you are going for a family holiday. This means that you will have many expectations to satisfy, including your own. While going for a cheese and wine festival is an exciting prospect for the grown ups, your children won’t be able to participate. Additionally, while swimming in a pool in the Caribbean will excite your children, passing up an opportunity to go snorkeling in the pristine waters might not sit well with you.
Finding family fun activities is not as easy as most think. Most of the times parents neglect their own happiness and play it simple for their children’s sake; this does not need to be the case for you. One of the easiest ways of getting this done is making sure that your children have adult supervision while you slip away to some exciting activity. If necessary, you can go on holiday with the grandparents and have them watch them while you dash. This way, you can head of snorkeling while your child is entertained elsewhere in a safe and conducive environment. Alternatively, you can look for an activity that has something for everyone, like going to watch tomato fights in Spain or a street festival in India. 

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