A Holiday with a Difference: The Delights of Group Travel

Travelling can be an exciting affair, or an exercise in futility, depending on where you are going and who you are with. Truth be told, the world is not just about sights, it is more about people. That is why group travel has so much appeal to it. Here are some of the reasons why group travel is such a delight.

When you are visiting a new place, it can be quite a task adjusting. Travelling with a group ensures that you always have like-minded people around you who can appreciate what you see. Group travel has evolved to the point of having themed groups, depending on your interests. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can easily find a group that shares your interests. They certainly won’t be bothered by long treks, cave exploring, rock climbing, and other activity based tours. A wine themed tour ensures that you have people around you who understand wine vocabulary, and can appreciate the connoisseur elements of wine. The fact that you share a common interest makes it easy for you to bond and have fun. Long boring trips are filled in with long, scintillating conversations.

It is a fact: travelling in groups is cheaper. Whether you are negotiating for meals, accommodation, and travel, when you are a group, you always have greater bargaining power. Hotels and B&Bs will very likely give you significant discounts if you are travelling as a group, especially during low season. Booking in advance helps cut these costs even further. Arrange for your meals and accommodation in advance; that will help you secure the discounts better. You can get bonus meals, airport pick-ups, and even avoid custom queues when in groups.

3       Security
While we certainly don’t anticipate security problems on the road, they sometimes do happen. However, when you are in a group, these incidents tend to be isolated. What’s more, if there is an accident or incident, being in a group means that you will be catered for much faster. In case of theft or loss of money or documents, a group will be very helpful in getting you assistance.

4       Convenience
Today’s interconnected world allows us to communicate much more effectively. If you are searching for a group that is like-minded, a simple search on websites such as myTC can help you find the perfect match. As stated above, you will enjoy your travel experience much more if you are with like-minded travellers. Also, such company can be an invaluable source of tips, suggestions, and travel advice. If you are travelling for the first time to a certain area, you can ask the more experienced members for advice. They will be more than happy to answer your questions on cost, visa arrangements, as well as help you understand other requirements. Since you most likely share the same interests, they can help create an exciting itinerary. If you were travelling alone, you would have to source this information alone, quite a task. 

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