Visiting Moscow: A City Full of Vitality

This is the heartbeat of Russia, a city full of creative energy where the past collides with future in a most peculiar way. Old buildings are being restored to great masterpieces, in a way that the old and deserted becomes the present and the future. It is a place known to have many billionaires, where cups of coffee are overwhelmingly expensive, and the nights are bursting with activities from the underground bars to the dynamic scenes of exclusive clubs and theaters.

The Kremlin
It is a fortified city within a city and dates back to 1147, the beginnings of Moscow itself. It is characterized by the dazzling sites of glistening onion domes, prestigious ancient churches and numerous palaces that depict the amazing history of the past eras and its rulers. Discover the hidden remnants of the Soviet era and the magnificent architecture of that regime.

The most recent building in Kremlin is the State Kremlin Palace, a magnificent glass and concrete structure with a prominent auditorium that is now used for ballet dances. The Terem Palace on the other hand is the oldest of the three Palaces at Kremlin. As earlier noted, the energetic creativity of Moscow is inevitably represented by the extraordinary interior decorations rather bellied by the remarkable exteriors.

The Red Square
The Red Square is a must see to all visitors to Russia, where are lot of Russia’s glorious history was once written. It is a historical site and has a panoramic view of the Basil Cathedral. It was used as a parading ground of the Soviet soldiers and their stone faced leaders. Though these gloomy sights no longer depict the Red Square, their places are gloriously taken by the vibrant world famous GUM departmental stores, what remains is the dominant Lenin Mausoleum .

The Basil Cathedral is a breathtaking profusion of vibrant colors and shapes. Its distinctive patterns of domes, arches, towers and cupolas each in its own hue all blend together into a dynamic work of art; it is fascinating to the eye. As you stroll round the perimeters of the Red Square, behold the beauty of this Cathedral.

The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum
Other great places to visit in Moscow are the museums; the Pushkin in Europe is only second to the Hermitage and bears collectors’ masterpieces of the Impressionist arts and Post Impressionists that won the audience of the Russians. Pushkin’s collections are also featured in other museums: The Museum of Private Collections and the Gallery of European and American Art of the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. Famous works are displayed with Rembrandts stealing the show, but Botticelli, Tiepolo and Veronese are also well represented.

Finally after enjoying the fascinating sites in Moscow enjoy the dynamic nightlife of the Muscovites, what the communists may have termed as “indecent or decadent”. The now happy moneyed Russians enjoy worldly pleasures like no other place in the world, from the less conspicuous places to the vibrant clubs. It has been termed as “a city without limits”: from dusk to dawn, anything is possible.
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