Amazing Sights to See On a Tour of the UK

United Kingdom is blessed with an extra ordinary wealth of sights and its surprising landscapes keep thrilling. With vibrant cities, lush countryside, stoic castles, and beautiful beaches, it is indeed an amazing blend of the past and the present.

The Mysterious Ruined Castles of Wiltshire
The history of castles in the UK is amazing, they are not only historical but a presentation of a mysterious past that existed: a place where people lived and worshipped, banding together under the protection of powerful Lords and Kings.

Old Sarum is a monumental Iron Age hill fort that is spectacularly intriguing and believed to have been occupied by the Romans and the Saxons. Sarum rose to fame in a different era, when aristocrats controlled the number of parliamentarians. The amazing views around this place include the Salisbury Cathedral.

Another place of interest around this area is the iconic Stonehenge situated only a few meters from here. It is said to have been around for more than 5000 years. This mysterious monument has been named a UNESCO world heritage site. People visit the Stonehenge to view the sunrise and experience the times when the sun aligns systematically with it.

The Castles of Scotland And Wales
The Glamis Castles, which are well depicted by Shakespeare in his once censored book; “The Tragedy of Macbeth” show the true picture history and kings that ruled while in this castle.

Though it has a bloody history, it is the birth place of royalties such as Elizabeth Bowes the late queen mother.  A tour around the castle reveals the family chapel that witnessed the rebellious political act of 1715. The mystery of the Evil card location and the Duncan’s Hall are places that will rouse you curiosity. Enjoy the scenic nature trails, a stark contrast to the dark history of the Glamis castles.

Balmoral Castle in Scotland on the other hand is a fantasy medieval castle built for Queen Victoria and has since been passed down from royal generations to generations. It was the queen’s vacation destination and a complete opposite of the Glamis Castles. It is also indeed a beauty to behold, and is worth stopping over to enjoy a royal view.

The enduring image of well built cathedrals is a memory that lives with any tourist. Take for example the Norwich cathedral, second only in size to the Salisbury cathedral. It is huge and has stood since the 14th century, but still continues to awe present day crowds. It is largely un-spoilt built with flint rubble, mortal and limestone.

The Chester Cathedral is yet another richly historic cathedral in UK; it offers a spectacular view to anyone visiting. Relive history and experience the mysterious stories of the monks, kings and craftsmen. It has grand Norman arches, majestic gothic columns, fascinating woodcarvings from the 14th century and serene monk’s refectories’ where monks had their afternoon teas. The scrupulously neat newly replanted Cloister gardens create a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a busy day in the bustling city. Truly Chester is a hidden gem in the heart of the city. Enjoy its displays of modern art and its pleasant atmosphere.

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