Culture and History on a Stay in a Berber Lodger: Marrakech, Morocco

Magical Morocco offers so much for everyone. One of the unique elements of Morocco can be found in its population of Berbers. Though not wholly native to Morocco, they have developed their own unique identity and culture. Having survived over several hundreds of years of invasions, wars, and harsh weather, the Berber culture is rich and ancient. It is no wonder such a joy and thrill to experience its realities when visiting Morocco.

In order to fully immerse yourself in Berber culture, consider staying at a Berber lodge in the Marrakech region. These amazing places are the perfect accommodation near Marrakech to get a true taste of Moroccan life. The facilities allow you to enjoy the beauty of the local culture, indulging in a culture that is hundreds of years old: ancient and fascinating.

The best of these lodging facilities has to be the Berber Cultural Center. This is the real, authentic definition of immersion. Here, you will meet with Mohamed’s warm and entertaining family. From the minute you step through the doors, you will experience authentic Berber hospitality from a real Berber family. Lose yourself as you learn to make authentic mint tea, and participate in normal family life, just like a real Berber. For those with families, this is a great opportunity to show your children how different cultures live. There is no Wi-Fi here, so the trappings of internet devices or world news won’t bind you. Instead, take long treks, go fetch water on a donkey, participate in making tajines for dinner and bread for breakfast, and unwind from a long day with an exciting game of cards. Make lifelong friends and experience the joys of friendly markets and neighbors.

For those keen on a little more luxury, the Maroc lodge has what you need. A short drive out of Marrakech, the lodge offers a premier Berber experience. Located on a beautiful 2 hectares, it features executive luxury pavilions, each with its own unique design. The overall design of the lodge merges Berber culture with “international objet d’art”. Unlike the Cultural Center, here you have the latest trappings of modernity: big screen TVs, heaters, large fireplaces, executive dining facilities, and high speed internet. Here, the chef conjures Berber culinary delights from freshly harvested vegetables from nearby villages and from the lodge’s own fruit and herb gardens. However, they can also whip up other world culinary selections, depending on your taste. The lodge is also strategically located to allow you explore the Berber Atlas countryside, venture into Marrakech, or even head for a ski adventure in the Oukaimden resort. More exciting is the weekly souk, a short trip from the lodge. Here you can shop for interesting and unusual souvenirs, enjoying the warmth of the local culture.

There are other beautiful Berber lodges inside the city. Like the Maroc, they feature up-scale accommodation, complete with luxury facilities, perfect for the luxury tourist. The beauty of Berber lodges is that they exhibit unique character; each room is never the same. As you are spellbound by the earthy tone structures, woody finish, and colorful mats characteristic of Berber homes, you will be in touch with an enduring culture. 

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